Thursday, May 26, 2016

five on may 2016

is it 13 months left? i'm excited but i'm just a little wiped out

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


"mana lah tahu kejap lagi, lepas saya hantar awak ni, kereta saya masuk gaung ke, terbabas kat mana-mana ke... nanti awak yang menyesal sebab merajuk dengan saya sekarang"

please don't say anything like this anymore. kalau awak takada,siapa nak jaga saya lagi? saya takada kawan. awaklah kawan baik saya, peneman suka duka, tempat bergurau, tempat saya cerita apa sahaja tanpa rahsia... don't talk craps,i don't ever want to lose you in whatever way.

Monday, May 23, 2016

me now do things

I am so busy right now.. college has taken over my life, boyfriend is now my priority, family is a must thing to see on weekends.. 

basically, i spent my free days watching How I Met Your Mother. i'm lame, i know 

sometimes it's OK

sometimes, it's ok to think ONLY about yourself even people might mark you as"selfish-dipshit"
sometimes, it's ok to be happy even though people doesn't like to see you in that way
sometimes, it's ok to ditch some people outta your life even if they're so important to you back then
sometimes, it's ok to be quirky when everybody is being normal
sometimes, it's ok to be alone rather than having fake friends (relevant? no?)
sometimes, it's ok to regret with some things in you life even you cannot turn back the time and make everything perfect because it's beyond repair.. they said it's "totalled"
sometimes, it's ok to ignore haters and live your own life
sometimes, it's ok to be not ok when you know life is going to upset you. Worst thing ever, you realize you not a Cinderella and don't even own a crown

somehow, something that I always know.. life is really hard and sometimes i always feel fucked up. also, being in a relationship is hard, hurting, committing.. but, everything will be OK if it's with the right person and that person is gonna make everything above easy; through ups&downs.
it's OK.. and it's already perfect.