Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Busy @@@

These past few days have been brutal. We had a fight, cold war we're not talking for each other. But it taught me a lot though.

Gila kau x brutal, aku xhabis habis nak mengamok je kat boyfriend aku. Hari-hari tiap kali dia pergi keje mesti aku moody. Haha x pasal pasal aku suruh dia berhenti kerja. Biasa la, aku dah lama x window shopping. Hari-hari tengok bangunan, telan jerebu pedih beb mata aku. 

I don't really mind being alone. I was born to be independent. I don't care if I need to go out alone or shopping by myself. I surrounded myself by busy-man/woman. My mom is a busymom who's working in Kuala Lumpur for more than 20 years. My dad is always not at home most of the time he spent his leisure time at golf club. So, I rarely get to see him. I lived with maid for half of my life. She is like my family. She cooked for us. She take good care of us. She also one of the facebook user (lol, too much information) Just in case, if you guys dont know.. I also have a boyfriend who works for TV station and... Yes, he's a workaholic guy. U guys probabbly can watch him on TV every Sunday but me? I only get a chance to meet him two or three times a week for... 5 hours, maxmimum? Hehe..

But that's okay. We are all good! Alhamdulillah :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

So that's why I dont write anymore

"Hanis so how come you've never written a post for me, like right now?"
"I don't know. I'm not good at writing anymore, about something that makes me happy. Well, at least for now. 
If you want me to write again, maybe you gonna have like to cheat on me or something."

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Achievement unlocked!

I think I've found new hobby (after one decade lol), another new satisfaction in life & a very relaxing + adventerous activity for myself! :-)

I'm definetely will join this kind of activity next time. Banyak lagi gunung/bukit to be explored. X sabar! 
Tapi xdak gang yang pro lagi. Hehehehe.. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Tak kenal maka tak cinta


Appreciation post this time goes to my sister or my "new" friend.

Lets make things clear. Its true, I'm having a problem in finding a friend. I'm suck with that for a really long time ago. Aku x pandai nak click kat instagram orang yang aku xkenal dan comment "cantiknya awak. Flawless nya" Because I'm not a sweet talker. Aku xreti la nak jadi peramah, tegur orang yang aku x kenal langsung lepastu judge dia sombong, kekwat & tiba tiba tak suka dengan kehidupan dia sebab dia x layan comment aku kat instagram, facebook or twitter. Siapa lah kita nak judge orang? Siapa lah kita nak mengata buruk pasal orang lain? Melainkan dia memang ada salah pada kita, sakitkan hati kita, curi boyfriend kita atau bapak kita menggatal nak kahwin lagi satu. Aku rasa kita cuma ada hak untuk xsuka dan xmaafkan orang seperti di atas. I say what I want, not to impress you but to let you know the truth. Mak aku ajar aku untuk jadi jujur & bermuka-muka is not me. Bukan aku xtahu 30% of my followers are my haters, too. Dasyat ya korang ni macam milo dalam uncang 2 in 1. Haha. Macam mana korang boleh follow orang yang korang xsuka? Because I dont have the guts to do so. I'll ditch people I don't like so it would be easier for me to live on. Secara jujurnya, I don't know on how to mingle around with other people because I don't like faking in front of people. Kalau aku x suka, kalau aku rasa x cantik, I'll tell. Honesty is matters.

Sama juga dalam friendship. Lets say you have a bunch of friends but each one of them talk bad behind your back. I dont see any good point by having that kind of friendship. Kenangan tu dah jadi benda yang terpaksa di lupakan sebab kejujuran tu paling penting. Nak simpan lagi friendship yang bertahun tu padahal kau x happy pun sebenarnya. Kau mengata belakang, kau kutuk kawan kau sendiri lepastu kau nak bangga dengan friendship kau yang fake tu? Haha I do believe in "quality over quantity" Biar sikit tapi berkualiti. So far I'm good. If I were at my place (seremban) I got my homies to lepak with, I still have my friends at Shah Alam & my best friends will always be with me through everything; even when I'm sad, even when I'm laugh. Syukur.

Xpela kawan xramai, so nanti senangla saya nak ingat or sebut nama best friends saya kalau-kalau nanti Tuhan suruh saya pilih kawan-kawan untuk sama ke syurga.